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Roof Screw Replacement Ninderry

Roof screw replacement is necessary when your roof screws are rusty, to avoid the rust spreading to the metal roof sheets. Also for safety reasons – rusty roof screws are not as strong as new screws, and I’ve seen rusty screws easily break in half on removal. With enough rusty screws, a strong wind could rip the metal roof sheets off. Therefore once your roof screws are getting rusty, it’s time to replace them. This house at Ninderry is high on a ridge and faces strong winds, so special screws to deal with cyclonic winds are required. before replacing the roof screws, we pressure washed the roof with the Jetts surface cleaner, to make sure it was clean. Then we replaced the 2,500 rusty roof screws with brand new cyclonic assembly roof screws. This roof will now be safe and secure for at least another 20 years.

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