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Pelican Waters Property Gleams After Roof & Driveway Clean

Our team recently tackled a comprehensive exterior cleaning project, transforming an ordinary house into a sparkling showpiece.

The project began with a thorough cleaning of the home’s metal roof. Utilising a low-pressure setting to ensure safe and effective cleaning, our technicians eliminated built-up grime, leaving the surface gleaming in the sunshine.

Next, our team turned their attention to the gutters. Using specialised techniques, they removed leaves, twigs, and other debris, ensuring proper water flow and preventing future blockages.

Harnessing the power of eco-friendly cleaning solutions and specialised brushes, our technicians then meticulously cleaned the home’s solar panels. This meticulous process removed any film or dirt build-up, maximising their efficiency and ensuring optimal energy production.

Finally, the driveway received a much-needed makeover. Our high-powered pressure washing equipment effectively removed stubborn stains and dirt, revealing the original pebbled concrete beneath. The transformation was remarkable, leaving the driveway looking spotless and inviting.

If you’re a Pelican Waters resident looking to revitalise the exterior of your home, contact Jetts Pressure Wash today for a free quote and experience the difference a professional clean can make.

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