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Pressure Cleaning Services

Jetts Pressure Wash Sunshine Coast specialises in pressure cleaning roofs and gutters, driveways and paths, solar panels, and full house exterior cleans. We also do full rusty roof screw replacements.

Colorbond metal roof clean with surface cleaner pressure washer

Roof & Gutter Clean

Jetts Pressure Wash specialises in complete roof and gutter cleans for all types of roofs, including metal and tile roofs. Extend the life of your roof by getting a regular clean. Pressure washing with just pure water will remove grime, mould and lichen. Cleaning your metal roof regularly will help to prevent rust, saving the cost of a complete roof replacement.

Pressure cleaning a pebble driveway

Driveway & Path Clean

Keep your driveway and paths looking great with a pressure clean. Pressure washing paths and driveways is important for safety, because grime, mould and moss build up causes them to become slippery, making it easy to slip and fall. Concrete driveways, tile driveways, pebble driveways – whatever the type of driveway you have, a pressure wash will make it look great.

Array of shiny clean solar panels

Solar Panel Clean

We clean your solar panels so you get maximum energy generation. Your solar panels will come up shiny like new, ready to provide you with maximum electricity output. Get your solar panels cleaned regularly to maintain quality power generation and extend the life of your solar panels.

Exterior house clean, pressure washing gutters and walls

Full House Exterior Clean

In addition to roof and gutters, a full exterior house pressure wash will clean the walls, eaves and windows of your house. This is an ideal service to prepare your house for the sale or rental market. We will high pressure wash away any mould build up on the property without the use of chemicals, clean the roof and gutter and check the condition of your roof and report back on the findings.

Miscellaneous Clean

Pressure washing can clean just about anything! Fences, gates, retaining walls, pool areas, paving, sheds, letterboxes, and other things that we probably haven’t thought of yet. Take a look around your house and yard and consider what could be freshened up a pressure washing. You may be surprised at what a pleasant difference a good clean can make. Give your home a refreshing makeover today!

Metal roof showing rusty screws and replacement screws

Rusty Roof Screw Replacements

Give your roof a new lease of life with rusty screw replacement. This will make your roof look great, and extend it lifetime, delaying more comprehensive repairs or replacement. Our rusty roof screw replacement service provides further longevity for the lifespan of your roof. It is not what you see but what lies beneath – we will provide a free assessment and discuss which roof screws need to be replaced in order to preserve your metal roof.