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Exterior house clean, pressure washing gutters and walls

Exterior House Clean

A full exterior house pressure wash includes the walls, eaves, outside of gutters and windows of your house. Of course it can be combined with a roof and gutter clean, and a path and driveway clean. This is an ideal service to prepare your house for the sale or rental market, or just refresh your whole house.

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Wall and Window Clean Noosaville

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Recent Work in Exterior House Clean

  • Exterior House Clean Cooroibah
    The exterior walls on this house in Cooroibah were dirty. A combination of mould, lichen, dust and dirt had built up over time, causing an unsightly mess. Using the Jetts telescopic wand and pure water, we cleaned the entire external surface of the house, leaving it clean and fresh. Now the owners can be proud ...

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  • Roof, Gutter & Exterior Clean Nambour
    Whoah! Take a look at the state of this house at Nambour. It looks like it hadn’t been cleaned for decades. We gave this house a thorough going over, starting with the roof. Using the Jetts surface cleaner, we cleaned off all the grime, mould and lichen, leaving it looking fresh and clean. Working down ...

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  • External House and Driveway Clean Parrearra
    Green slime! These walls are like something out of a horror move – just look at the green stuff growing on them! Luckily, using the Jetts pressure wand and pure water, we were able to eliminate all the green slime, leaving just pure white rendered walls looking sparkling and fresh. For good measure, we also ...

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  • External House Clean Peregian Beach
    This two story house at Peregian Beach had mould and grime growing on all the external walls, spoiling the appeal of this charming beach house. Using the Jetts telescopic pressure wand and pure water, we blasted away all the slimy mould and grime, leaving the house looking fresh and clean.

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  • External House and Roof Clean Peregian Springs
    Sometimes what’s needed is a complete transformation. A house that’s so dirty all over, that nothing less than a top to bottom clean will do. This two story house at Peregian Springs was one of those houses. Starting with the roof, working down via the gutters, eaves and walls, this house received the full transformation ...

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  • Driveway, Walls, & Gutter Clean Palmview
    There’s nothing like a full external house clean to freshen up your home. This house in Palmview was looking a bit tired, with grime and mould building up on the gutters, and dirt and spiderwebs accumulating on the eaves and walls. Using the Jetts pressure washing tools we got to work. The results are impressive, ...

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