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Solar Panel Clean

We clean your solar panels to get maximum energy generation. Your solar panels will come up shiny like new, ready to provide you with maximum electricity output. Get your solar panels cleaned regularly to maintain quality power generation and extend the life of your solar panels.

Before and After Comparisons

Check out this before and after slider to see how a solar panel clean can shine up your solar panels.

Solar Panel Clean Gallery

Take a look at these photos of clean solar panels.

Recent Work in Solar Panel Clean

  • Pelican Waters Property Gleams After Roof & Driveway Clean
    Our team recently tackled a comprehensive exterior cleaning project, transforming an ordinary house into a sparkling showpiece. The project began with a thorough cleaning of the home’s metal roof. Utilising a low-pressure setting to ensure safe and effective cleaning, our technicians eliminated built-up grime, leaving the surface gleaming in the sunshine. Next, our team turned their attention ...

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  • Roof, Gutter, Solar Panel Clean Nambour
    This highset house in Nambour was in urgent need of a roof clean. Not only that, but the gutters were clogged with mud and growing plants, and the solar panels were covered in a thick layer of grime. Well, the owners did the right thing by calling Jetts Pressure Wash. Using our professional equipment and ...

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  • Solar Panel Clean Peregian Springs
    Over time, solar panels get dirty and dusty, and need to be cleaned regularly to ensure maximum power generation. If solar panel maintenance is neglected for too long, a layer of baked-on dirt can build up, making them very difficult to clean. The solar panels on this house at Peregian Springs needed a good maintenance ...

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  • Roof & Retaining Wall Clean Maleny
    This house in Maleny was in desperate need of a makeover. Everything was dirty – the roof, gutters, solar panels, driveway, and retaining wall. Jetts Pressure Wash to the rescue! We cleaned the whole lot, and what an amazing difference it made. Check out the photos and videos of the transformation. Retaining Wall Clean – Photo ...

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  • Roof Clean & Driveway Clean Twin Waters
    This two story house at Twin Waters was in need of a good clean. The roof, gutters and solar panels were covered in dirt and grime, and the driveway and paths were dirty and slippery in the wet. Starting with the roof, using the Jetts surface cleaner and pure water we cleaned all the grime ...

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  • Palmwoods Roof Clean with Path & Driveway
    Here we go again – another very dirty roof in Palmwoods. Not to mention the driveway, paths and even the letterbox. They all needed a good clean up. Dirty paths and driveways get slippery when wet, which is a serious risk to your health. Keeping your house clean is an investment, which can save you ...

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