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Solar Panel Clean

We clean your solar panels to get maximum energy generation. Your solar panels will come up shiny like new, ready to provide you with maximum electricity output. Get your solar panels cleaned regularly to maintain quality power generation and extend the life of your solar panels.

Before and After Comparisons

Check out these before and after sliders to see how a solar panel clean can shine up your solar panels.

Solar Panel Clean Gallery

Take a look at these photos of clean solar panels.

Recent Work in Solar Panel Clean

  • Roof, Gutter, Solar Panel Clean Cooroy
    What a beautiful day for a roof clean! As you can see from these photos, the roof on this house in Cooroy was in desperate need of a good clean. It was black with grime that had been building up for years. Also the solar panels were covered in a thick layer, which was reducing ...

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  • Tile Roof Clean Burnside
    Cleaning your tile roof is an important part of maintaining the integrity and appearance of your home. Over time, dirt, algae, and moss can build up on your roof tiles, causing discoloration and potentially damaging the tiles themselves. Take a look at this tile roof on a house in Burnside. Using the Jetts surface cleaner ...

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  • Ultimate Roof Cleaning in Palmwoods
    Check out the state of this dirty roof in Palmwoods. How did it get so dirty? Over time, dirt, dust and other debris accumulate on the roof. In addition, organic growth such as moss, algae and lichen grow on the roof, especially on the south side. Add to this air pollution and bird droppings, and ...

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  • Roof & Driveway Clean Palmwoods
    No matter how many times we pressure wash a house, the transformation never ceases to amaze. This house at Palmwoods got a roof & gutter clean, solar panel clean, and driveway and path clean. Once again, that fresh clean feeling you get after a house clean is just brilliant. A full house clean really is ...

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  • Colorbond Roof Clean Peregian Springs
    We’ve seen and cleaned hundreds of dirty roofs like this one at Peregian Springs. We start by cleaning the dirty roof surface with the Jetts surface cleaner. Then we clean any debris and gunk out of the gutters, followed by a complete rinse of the entire roof and gutters with the Jetts pressure wand. The ...

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  • Another Dirty Roof Cleaned in Palmwoods
    There’s a lot of dirty roofs in Palmwoods. Well, there was before we started a run of roof cleaning in Palmwoods that’s seen a lift in the presentation of homes in the neighbourhood. Look at the roof on this house for an example. The roof is Colorbond in Classic Cream colour, but you would never ...

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