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Miscellaneous Clean

Pressure washing can clean just about anything! Fences, gates, retaining walls, pool areas, paving, sheds, letterboxes, and other things that we probably haven’t thought of yet.

Pool Area Clean

A backyard swimming pool is a significant investment. Make sure you keep it well maintained and looking good by getting the pool area cleaned regularly. Not only will it improve your enjoyment of the pool, it adds to the safety by reducing the chances of slipping.

Fence Clean

Fences get dirty. Nothing ruins the look of your property more than a dirty fence. Pressure washing your fences is one of the easiest ways to improve the presentation of your home.

Gate Clean

If you’re going to get your fence cleaned, why not get the gate cleaned too!

Shed Clean

You may be keeping your home well maintained, but don’t forget about the shed! Keep your shed in great condition by getting it pressure washed next time you get your home done.

Letterbox Clean

The humble letterbox. Don’t let it get dirty, it needs love too. Next time you book a pressure wash, whether it’s roof & gutters, driveway & paths, or anything else, we’ll give your letterbox a good once over too, because it’s important for letterboxes to feel included.

Pavers Clean

Keep your pavers looking great by giving them a regular pressure wash. Using the Jetts surface cleaner avoids stones, rocks and dirt being flung all over the place, and cleans the pavers in a controlled way.

Retaining Wall Clean

Like fences, retaining walls come up great after a good pressure wash.

Carports and Awnings

Pressure wash your carport and awning to keep it looking fresh.


Pressure wash your pergola to keep it looking fresh.