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Roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, driveway & path cleaning, pressure washing services in Nambour.

Path & Pavers Clean Nambour

Over time, paths get dirty with mould and grime. This not only reduces the visual amenity, but can be a slip hazard in the wet. Using the Jetts surface cleaner, we cleaned these paths in Nambour, leaving them clean and non slippery. Photo Gallery Video

Carport Clean Nambour

The carport awning on this house in Nambour was very dirty, and covered in leaves, sticks, lost tennis balls, and even an old t-shirt! Using a few tricks, such as ladders, the Jetts surface cleaner, and Jetts pressure wand, we cleaned the carport awning so that it looked 100%.

Roof, Gutter, Driveway Clean Nambour

Sometimes a house needs the full pressure washing treatment: roof, gutters, walls, eaves, paths and driveway. This Nambour house was one of those. The colorbond metal roof was dirty with grime and lichen, the gutters were dirty and blocked with leaves, the walls and eaves were grimy, and the driveway was black and slippery when …

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