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Roof and External Clean Peregian Springs

A full external house clean can include everything on the outside of a house: roof, gutters, eaves, walls, paths, driveway, pool area, etc. This two storey house at Peregian Springs got the full external clean. As you can see from these photos, the roof was almost black with grime and mould that had built up. The walls were covered in green slime, and the driveway was slimy and slippery in the wet. We used a range of tools to clean this house, including the Jetts pressure wand, Jetts surface cleaner, and Jetts telescopic wand. The telescopic wand allows cleaning of walls and gutters two storeys and higher from the ground. You can see the results of the clean, it all came up looking fresh and clean. And we only use pure water, no chemicals.


Cleaning the two storey roof with the Jetts surface cleaner

Photo Gallery


Cleaning the gutters and eaves
Cleaning the edge of solar panels
Using the Jetts telescopic wand
Cleaning the walls
Cleaning the walls
Cleaning the walls