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Roof & Gutter Clean Buderim

The tiles on this roof in Buderim were actually white, but you’d never know until they were cleaned. Many years of built up grime, lichen, leaves and sticks from the surrounding trees discoloured this roof badly. An entire ecosystem had become established in the gutters, they were thick with mud and organic matter, and were full of very healthy worms and centipedes. We started by blasting out the gutters with the Jetts pressure wand, then cleaned the tiles with the Jetts surface cleaner. The results speak for themselves. The neighbours were so happy with the upgrade that they all came over to have a look. This roof and gutter clean lifted the street appeal not only of this house, but of the whole street. And we also cleaned the driveway for good measure.

Before and After Comparison

Check out the before and after comparison of the roof clean by using the slider below.

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“Brilliant job on the house thanks! You’re the talk of the neighbourhood about how good it looks. Thanks heaps.”