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Roof & Gutter Clean

Jetts Pressure Wash specialises in complete roof and gutter cleans for all types of roofs, including metal and tile roofs. Extend the life of your roof by getting a regular maintenance clean. Pressure washing will remove grime, dust, pollution, mould, moss, lichen and more. A roof and gutter clean for your metal roof will help to prevent rust, saving the cost of a complete roof replacement down the track. Contact us today for a Free Quote.

Roof and gutter clean in progress on a colorbond roof

Roof Cleaning Process

When we arrive to do a roof & gutter clean, firstly we will introduce ourselves and say hi. We find out if there are any water tanks, so we can divert the dirty water away from the tank. We also check if there’s any dogs or other pets that we need to be aware of. Then we will inspect the house and yard, locate the taps and best place to set up the ladder and equipment.

If the gutters are full of leaves and debris, we will clean these out by hand from the ground using a platform ladder. After setting up, we will start cleaning the surface of the roof, starting from the top down. Next, we do a rinse of the roof, and clean up around antennas, solar panels etc. Then we flush the gutters, washing any sediment to the downpipes, and making sure the downpipes are flowing freely.

The last step on the roof is to clean and rinse any solar panels. Once the roof is clean, we go all the way around the house and clean the outside of the gutters and fascia with the pressure wand. The result is a great looking roof you can be proud of.

Roof Clean Video

Video showing a roof clean in progress using the surface cleaner

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