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Roof & Gutter Clean Currimundi

Does your home look like this? The colorbond roof is black with grime and mould, the gutters are full of sludge, and the driveway is covered in a layer of baked-on slime. This house in Currimundi is not the only one to look like this – they are everywhere on the Sunshine Coast. Lots of moisture in the air, heat and humidity has created a perfect environment for black grime to grow on everything. At Jetts Pressure Wash, we specialise in transforming houses like this into shiny clean homes that raise the profile of the whole street. Using the Jetts surface cleaner, we shine the colorbond roof, eliminating the grime and mould. The Jetts pressure wand blasts sludge, leaves, and sticks out of the gutters, and transforms the outsides. And the Jetts surface cleaner makes quick work of a dirty driveway, keeping it looking great.

Photo Gallery – Roof Clean

Photo Gallery – Driveway Clean