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Roof & Gutter Clean Pelican Waters

Colorbond roofs are great – relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain, and long lasting. All roofs get dirty, from grime and dirt, and lichen and mould, and need maintenance to ensure street appeal and long life. Colorbond roofs are the easiest to maintain – much easier than tile roofs, or other metal roofs. Just take a look at the roof on this house in Pelican Waters. You can see the grime and mould just looks terrible, ruining the appeal of an otherwise very tidy house. using the Jetts surface cleaner, all the grime and mould just washed away, leaving the roof gleaming clean.

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Before and After Slider

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“Hey Araya and Nathan. You guys did the most amazing job. I went out in the street about five times last nite  to look at how sparkly the whole house looked. The over the road neighbours have thanked me.