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Cleaning a metal roof

Roof & Gutter Clean Sunshine Coast

Sometimes a metal roof gets so completely dirty that you can’t even tell what colour it originally was. This house at Peregian Springs had a roof like that. The entire roof was a very dark gray, and almost black when wet. The contrast when cleaned with the Jetts surface cleaner was stark. The roof came up gleaming white after the clean. This clean also included the gutters all the way around the house. This involved actually getting into the swimming pool for part of the clean in order to access all of the gutters. After cleaning the entire roof, it was welcome and refreshing to take a dip in the pool. We also made use of the Jetts extension wand for some of the more difficult access points. In the end the difference between before and after couldn’t be more dramatic. And we cleaned the driveway and paths too!

Before and after comparison of roof and gutter clean Sunshine Coast

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