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Townhouse Roof Clean Noosaville

The upstairs windows on this Noosaville townhouse looked directly onto this dirty roof. Nobody wants a view like that! Jetts Pressure Wash to the rescue! Using the Jetts pressure cleaner, we banished all the dirt and grime away, leaving the roof looking like new. Now that’s a better view! Photo Gallery Video

Tile Roof & Gutter Clean Mudjimba

Tile roofs are more challenging to clean than metal roofs. The porous nature of tiles means that mould and grime get right in to all the small cracks, making it difficult to get out. Also over time the tiles start to erode, and they need to be cleaned and sealed to maintain their lifespan. This …

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Roof, Gutter, Driveway Clean Nambour

Sometimes a house needs the full pressure washing treatment: roof, gutters, walls, eaves, paths and driveway. This Nambour house was one of those. The colorbond metal roof was dirty with grime and lichen, the gutters were dirty and blocked with leaves, the walls and eaves were grimy, and the driveway was black and slippery when …

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