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Roof, Gutter, Driveway Clean Nambour

Sometimes a house needs the full pressure washing treatment: roof, gutters, walls, eaves, paths and driveway. This Nambour house was one of those. The colorbond metal roof was dirty with grime and lichen, the gutters were dirty and blocked with leaves, the walls and eaves were grimy, and the driveway was black and slippery when wet. We came in with the Jetts pressure wand and the Jetts surface cleaner and worked our magic. The roof and gutters cleaned up nicely, the eaves and walls got a good rinse, and the driveway got a new lease of life.

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“I have a property which has been rented for the last few years and I am planning on returning to the home. With all the weather events the entire house was looking dirty and particularly the colour bond roof. I had the entire house washed down and the very long driveway done. When I received the photos of before and after I was blown away by the result. The other thing to mention was the cost which was exceptionally reasonable and I would not hesitate recommending this company to anyone. I will definitely procure the services of Jetts in the future and cannot recommend them highly enough. Very professional, quality exceptional, prompt and excellent value.”