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Roof & Solar Panel Clean Buderim

When working in the pressure washing industry, sometimes you come across incredibly dirty things, and you have to wonder how the owners let them get into that state. Take a look at this house in Buderim. This roof should have been cleaned regularly to maintain it and ensure its long life. But it wasn’t. The result is that even after a thorough clean it looks much better, the grime, mould and lichen has penetrated the protective coating on the roof, causing staining that simply won’t be removed, and reducing the lifespan of the roof. Don’t make the same mistake – get your roof cleaned every one to two years to ensure maximum cleanliness and longevity. In the end, the clean roof makes a huge difference to the appeal of this house, and the solar panel clean will ensure maximum energy generation. Another satisfying day on the job for the Jetts team!

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