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Shed Pressure Clean Sunshine Coast Hinterland

Everyone loves a good shed. But over time your nice brand new shed gets weathered – mould, dirt and grime build up on the roof and walls. Leaves, debris, and even growing plants, clog the gutters. That’s what happened to this shed at Balmoral Ridge, near Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. We tackled this job the usual way – starting at the top. Using the Jetts pressure wand, we blasted the leaves and debris out of the gutters, and pressure washed the grim off the metal roof. Then, using the trusty Jetts extension wand and platform ladder, we pressure washed all the high walls, and worked our way to the ground, making sure to clean the roller doors too. The results are plain to see in the before and after photos. The shed looks good as new.

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