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Rusty Roof Screw Replacement

Give your roof a new lease of life by getting rusty screws replaced. Roof screws need to be replaced every 10-20 years to avoid serious corrosion that can transfer to your roof. New roof screws will make your roof look great, and extend it’s lifetime, delaying more comprehensive repairs or replacement. Our rusty roof screw replacement service is fast and efficient. You can see examples of our work below. Contact us today for a free roof screw replacement quote.

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Recent Work

  • Rusty Roof Screw Replacement Black Mountain
    This blue colorbond roof at Black Mountain was dirty and all the screws were rusty. If rusty screws are left too long, they will start to corrode the metal roof, leading to costly replacement of the entire roof. First up, we gave the roof a good clean, using the Jetts surface cleaner and pure water. … Read more
  • Rusty Roof Screw Replacement Twin Waters
    The roof on this two story house at Twin Waters was full of rusty screws. Once roof screws get rusty, they need to be replaced or risk leaking and corrosion of the entire roof. Before replacing the screws, we gave the entire roof a good clean, using the Jetts surface cleaner. Then we replaced all … Read more
  • Roof Screw Replacement Ninderry
    Roof screw replacement is necessary when your roof screws are rusty, to avoid the rust spreading to the metal roof sheets. Also for safety reasons – rusty roof screws are not as strong as new screws, and I’ve seen rusty screws easily break in half on removal. With enough rusty screws, a strong wind could … Read more
  • Roof Clean & Rusty Roof Screw Replacement
    It’s important to replace rusty roof screws to avoid the rust spreading into the metal roof, which then means replacing the entire roof. The corrugated iron roof on this house at Maleny was in good condition, but the screws were very rusty and urgently needed replacing. First step in rusty roof screw replacement is to … Read more
  • Metal Roof Clean and Screw Replace Maleny
    This metal roof at Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland was covered in compacted grime and lichen, and the roof screws were all completely rusty. Jetts Pressure Wash cleaned the roof and replaced all the roof screws, adding a new lease of life to the roof, and improving the appearance substantially. Replacing rusty roof screws … Read more