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Roof screw replacement

Roof Clean & Rusty Roof Screw Replacement

It’s important to replace rusty roof screws to avoid the rust spreading into the metal roof, which then means replacing the entire roof. The corrugated iron roof on this house at Maleny was in good condition, but the screws were very rusty and urgently needed replacing. First step in rusty roof screw replacement is to clean the roof. Using the Jetts surface cleaner, the roof was cleaned with high pressure jets of pure water. Then we flushed all the gutters out using the Jetts pressure wand. This not only blasted out all the leaves and debris, but cleaned all the mud and grime out as well, increasing the lifespan of the gutters. Then finally, all the roof screws were replaced with new weather resistant screws, which should last at least 20 years before needing to be replaced again.

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