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Roof & Gutter Clean Kidaman Creek

It was a cold, misty winter morning when we arrived at this house in Kidaman Creek to complete a roof and gutter clean. The colorbond roofs on the house and garage were completely covered in horrible black grime, and the gutters were overflowing with leaves and sticks. Once we set up and began the cleaning process, the sun came out and it started to warm up. Before long, the blue sky was out, and the magnificent view became apparent. What a great spot! By the early afternoon the house and garage had been absolutely transformed. The roof and gutters were completely clean, and the house looked great again. Another satisfying roof and gutter clean completed, and another happy customer.

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“My roof looks fantastic, as do the paths around my house. They were so thorough and lovely to deal with, would highly recommend!”


Cleaning the roof and gutters
Cleaning the roof and gutters