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Roof, Gutter, Solar Panel, Driveway Clean Maleny

This house at Maleny needed some attention. The roof and gutters were dirty, the solar panels needed a clean, and the paths and driveway were slippery when wet. Jetts Pressure Wash to the rescue! We started at the top – the roof clean was accomplished using the Jetts surface cleaner and 100% pure water. Next, the gutters were tackled. First we cleared all the leaves, sticks and debris out, then we rinsed each gutter to the downpipe, to ensure clear flow of water. Then, after cleaning the solar panels, and it was time to move to the ground. The path and driveway were given a good clean, so they came up looking fresh, and – importantly – not slippery! Great job!

Roof, Gutter & Solar Panel Photo Gallery

Driveway & Path Clean Photo Gallery