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Roof, Gutter & Exterior Clean Nambour

Whoah! Take a look at the state of this house at Nambour. It looks like it hadn’t been cleaned for decades. We gave this house a thorough going over, starting with the roof. Using the Jetts surface cleaner, we cleaned off all the grime, mould and lichen, leaving it looking fresh and clean. Working down from the roof, we cleaned out the gutters, which were full of leaves and other debris. Next the external gutters, under the eaves, the walls, and finally the paths and stairs. This house may be old and a bit worn out, but it’s amazing what a good clean will do to give a tired house a lift.

Roof Clean Photo Gallery

The roof, gutters and eaves on this house got a complete transformation.

Path Clean Photo Gallery

These paths may be old and worn, but a good clean still makes all the difference. No more slippery moss and grime.


These videos show starting the roof clean with the Jetts surface cleaner, and cleaning the path.

Starting the roof clean
Starting the roof clean
Cleaning moss off the retaining wall